Air Route To The Klondike

The evolution of aviation in the Yukon was born of necessity and nurtured by the needs of its far-flung residents.
The airplane holds a unique place in the history of Yukon transportation being the first mode of transport able to challenge the territories remoteness, a problem that has plagued the Yukon since the days of the fur trade.

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Air Route To The Klondike
has hundreds of archival photographs and its pages are crammed with interesting fact filled information. The forward is written by Barry Watson, President of Alkan Air, whose company traces its lineage to the Yukon's first airline Clyde Wann's Yukon Airways and Exploration Company of 1927.
Air Route to the Klondike recounts the recollections of many of the Yukon's pioneer airmen and is filled with early Yukon aviation maps and memorabilia.
Chris Weicht's well-researched book and fascinating collection of stories offers the reader an insight to the Yukon's aviation trailblazers who paved the way for today's commercial aviation with flair and determination.

Air Route To The Klondike

Air Pilot Navigator (Volume Three)

Chris Weicht. Creekside Publications. (2006)
[ISBN 141208861-5]