North By Northwest

The chronological history of the community airfields of the northwest, along the inland route to the Yukon and Alaska. The book contains over 330 fresh photographs with a foreword by WestJet Airlines CEO Clive Beddoe.

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North By Northwest contains many firsthand recollections, original photographs and other memorabilia provided by the airmen who participated in this exciting period of aviation history in the Northwest from 1919 to 1960.
With his great attention to detail, Chris Weicht has produced a well-researched and fascinating collection of stories. This is your chance to get to know some of the northwest's first heroes and trailblazers of the air. These airmen paved the way for today's commercial aviation with flair and determination.

Air Pilot Navigator. (Volume One)
Chris Weicht. Creekside Publications. (2004)
[ISBN 1412024560]